Make noise to trigger the movement of projected geometric patterns.

Step up to the speaking tube and let the sound of your voice be seen, not heard. Whatever vocals go into the tube will appear as projected animations, with variations in pitch and amplitude altering their geometric patterns.

MEGAPHONIC captures the power we can harness using our voices. The project is inspired by changing conventions around civic engagement, collective discourse and the voices of individuals who share communities. Raising one’s voice in public becomes increasingly important in times of instability, polarization and disinterest. A singular voice can reverberate to spur significant change, and many voices in turn form the basis for a robust and diverse society.

VERSA is an audio-visual collaboration between musician Alex Ricci and artist Monika Hauck. Their multidisciplinary practice explores the physical properties of sound to trigger responsive visualizations. Through installation and performance, VERSA creates innovative and accessible multimedia presentations, repurposing outmoded analog equipment and exploring cutting edge sound and visual technology.



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Inside J&P Grocery (8 Queen St. N.)
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
No touching!
Limited Space