Experimental music lover’s guide to #NightShift16

Although 2016 is the first time Night\Shift was produced without a guiding theme, strange songsmiths are certainly a recurring layer of this week’s festival landscape. Here’s what to pour into your ears over the coming five evenings (& when/where), plus a selected soundtrack to get them primed.

NOV 1st-4th \\ 44 Gaukel

There’s really no reason to not spend the start of this November exploring how different musical styles make the 2016 festival’s sound-triggered INFINITY TUNNEL behave. Each night from Tuesday to Friday between 7 and 10pm, the space where the tunnel lives will also host PWYC live music shows by a sprawling range of artists.

2nd act of tonight’s #InfinityTunnel show presented by #AdmissionOfGuilt is @nickstorring… #psychedelic #cello #mindboggler

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Tuesday \\

embellished cello shreddery + improvised guitar wizardry = facebook.com/events/199212643850793

Wednesday \\

roots-reggae + synth pop + subterranean existential disco = facebook.com/events/1871150523108686

Thursday \\

deep ambient & textural beats + post-folk weirdo pop = facebook.com/events/1074045139380184

Friday \\

shuttlecock rock + heavy psychedelic sludge = facebook.com/events/339723609703898

NOV 5th @7:30 \\ KWAG

Start your #Placehacking crawl off with the biting harmonies and oddball melodies of G l a s s E Y E l a s h e s as their songs take on a gallery already teeming with Ed Burtynsky’s toxic allure.

NOV 5th @8 \\ County Gaol

Join prolific local noisemakers/weird show promoters Ballantyne/Harms in the old county jail yard (now a parking lot behind Registry Theatre) as they play with reverberations off the old stone walls to cultivate a standing wave of sound that is literally moved by its audience.

NOV 5th @9 \\ KPL

Jennifer Castle is one of Canada’s most knee-melting singer-songwriters, at once a throwback performer and a haunting voice of our time’s alchemy. Skip Castle’s set and you’re doing the festival wrong…

NOV 5th @9:45ish \\ KWAG

Head back through Magdo Milosz’s Night Light Path and float into the main gallery again, where Mooons will be hitting the midway point of their epic two-hour drone quest .

NOV 5th @10:30 \\ KPL

Retrace your steps again to the stacks and catch a glimpse of Aaron Mangle ’s solo take on the jangled, coursing stadium jams of his band Cousins .

NOV 5th @11 \\ The Guild

Duck out of KPL a little early and catch the last performance of The Bloody Theatre – Dan Root & Meg Harder’s update of an old Amish-Mennonite martyr’s tale – in the creepy basement of The Guild. Then deke over to 44 Gaukel’s INFINITY TUNNEL to catch the back half of Versa’s trippy audiovisual set .

Nov 6th @midnight \\ 44 Gaukel

IC/JC/VC is an elusive and highly unconventional vocal trio made up of Isla Craig , Jennifer Castle & Victoria Cheong . Normally they don’t have an endless ceiling of sound-responsive LED strips to feed their voices with…

Nov 6th @1am \\ 44 Gaukel

Spooloops & Zum1 take the helm of the INFINITY TUNNEL for one last ecstatic cosmic ride into the wee hours, dousing all the festival troopers in sweet granular techno and capping the 2016 festival with a dance party.