13 Sad Graffiti

Strange, sweet or scary cries captured by The Waterloser

Graffiti is one of the most poignant and arresting forms of self-expression and outsider art our culture uses. From the run-down house on Regina Street with the words “I KNOW” spray painted on its siding, to the trippy, drippy blue letters reading “MY DAD SUCKS” alongside the railroad tracks, these works speak of a city that is haunted.

Ellie Anglin (aka The Waterloser ) believes the most empowering thing we can do with grief, fear and alienation is turn it into art, and when people selflessly and anonymously share that art with the public through graffiti (even if it’s merely a drawing of a long, veiny penis) it creates a landscape of shared understanding. It clothes the city in self-reflective meaning, and creates a dialogue between the graffiti artist and the viewer that gives comfort to those feeling like they have no connection to their city.


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