34 Symbiote

Be mesmerized by the movement of human & machine

This wandering, boogie-prone performance is about combining the left- and right-brains and the process of blending technology and art. Symbiote aims to do no less than give explorers lucky enough to encounter it a surreal experience: Seeing sound turned into light by a machine that uses body language as a part of its operating system.

A collaboration of ingenious local sculptor, clockmaker, tinkerer and technologist Bernie Rohde’s circuit-sculpture-machine, which implements a voice-activated light show and DIY computer, and Alice Martellacci’s dance interpretation.

What’s truly mesmerizing about this performance is the connection between human and machine, and how these feed off each other. It’s like the computer has a mind of its own and takes over the performer.


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Roaming attraction – keep your eyes peeled for blinking lights busting a move...
No touching!