33 Apparitions

A spectacular recasting of City Hall space that aims to redraw the veil between spectation and action.

APPARITIONSimage Building on their shared mandates to explore and encourage diversity and cultural inclusion, civic participation and the richness of community, MT Space and John Macdonald Architect will stage a fascinating spectacle of creative intervention at Night\Shift 2014.

The two porticos out front of City Hall will be reimagined as two connected-yet-separate street theatres. The ideas and actions of passersby with characters and techniques in one portico will be displayed to the other, with participants and facilitators both experiencing and shaping the performance. The intent is to engage festival explorers in an impromptu exploration of spectation and action, of bystander and participant, of similarity and opposition, using a performance and infrastructural device that enfolds former into latter.

Their aim of Apparitions is to enrich – in zany and enjoyable ways – our diverse and common connections with civic identity, to challenge our cultural understandings and shift our points of view about community. Their collaborative approach is to experiment with an act of comic reverberation across Civic Square, creating a feedback loop of communication, engagement and transformation. There will be masks and props, thematic and guerilla theatrics, sporadic interruptions by other festival contributors and plenty of improvised surprises.

All you have to do is show up and go with whatever happens.


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Kitchener City Hall (200 King St. W.) under both exterior porticos
7pm to 2am
Limited Space