5 Balloon Room @ Centre in the Square

Breathe your own story into a balloonscape with interactive impov by Frog in Hand dancers.

Exhale into the creative process by setting an idea free inside a huge, beautiful, slowly accumulating BALLOONSCAPE! Dancers from Frog in Hand Productions will sporadically perform and interact with the balloon-encased confessions of NIGHT\SHIFT explorers, who are also encouraged to play with the space and inhale its floating fragments of wisdom.

Visit the Balloon Room several times to add a balloon and feel how the atmosphere changes as it fills up. We’re aiming to collect more than 1,000 thought-infused balloons by midnight!

PLUS: Take part in Frog in Hand’s wee-hours popping ceremony!


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Centre in the Square (101 Queen St. N.)
Balloon-filling begins at 4pm + Popping ceremony at 11:45pm! (Attraction closes at midnight)