3 Beat the System

Explore the invisible paths of data (and boredom)

A former Canada Post office that now plays host to digital media labs for Conestoga College and University of Waterloo students, 44 Gaukel is itself a conduit of the ever-evolving ways that we move and sort information.

Beat The System aims to connect the past and present use of the building. “In today’s world,” explain the duo of media artists behind the project,” the movement of data no longer materializes as manual human labour, but occurs invisibly within the algorithms of networked devices.” Paisley Cozzarin and Stephen Trothen seek to “re-visualize” this data flow, inspired by a 1960s news clipping from The Record that explained how mail sorters coped with boredom during the mechanical and repetitive task of sorting mail. “This boredom lead to the invention of the game Beat the System , in which employees sought to gain points for wasting time. Our installation will be a re-imagining of this game.”


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44 Gaukel (corner of Gaukel & Charles streets)
Limited Space