26 Exposing Elements

Kimberley Adamek & Karine Quigley’s light installation exposes & animates invisible local textures.

This site-responsive installation attempts to draw awareness to the existing materials and environmental forces at work in the local landscape and expose them in a playful and interactive fashion. Two walls of 100 moveable glass panels will respond with their reflections as Night\Shift explorers walk past them in the parking laneway beside Marisol .

The glass is heat-treated with textures from the surrounding site, enabling light passing through them to create incredible caustic patterns on the surrounding walls. A cable frame allows the tiles to move and the reflections to distort and become animated by wind and interaction, turning invisible details of the local environment into an opportunity for a new layer of engagement.


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Short alleyway beside Marisol (30 Ontario St. S.), between King and Charles.
7pm to 2am