32 Imitation of Life

To stir…To give motion…To quicken…To come alive…

With films such as Ex Machina and the trippy images of Google AI “dreaming,” both released this year, it would seem that the search for – and anxiety around – sentience in a non-biological form is definitely in the air. Considering that we can build our own archives of images, broadcast our experiences, earn incomes and even protest with a single device, it’s no wonder that to be flesh can seem quaint these days.

Imitation of Life takes myriad definitions of “animate” as its point of departure. The works in this exhibition employ technologies which range from manually operated projections to narratives constructed from existing digital worlds, from Second Life fictions inspired by real history to existential cartoons, from still photos that carefully re-imagine locomotion to kinetic sculpture that prompts rumination on the nature of entropy in human life.

Imitation of Life contributing artists include Lois Andison (Toronto), Daniel Barrow (Montreal), Kota Ezawa (San Francisco), Adad Hannah (Vancouver), Faith La Rocque (Toronto), Lorna Mills (Toronto), Jonathan Schipper (New York), Allison Schulnik (Los Angeles), Skawennati (Montreal).

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IMAGE: Skawennati, still from TimeTraveller

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