Rediscover yourself in a landscape you can’t see

Facebook has nearly 1.5 billion users, Twitter has more than 650 million, and upstart services like Instagram and Snapchat have already breached 100 million. While these platforms sell themselves as connectors to family and friends, the neverending reel of selfies and constant checking of post feeds is steering our attention and appreciation away from the actual reality our digital devices reflect back at us.

IN AN INSTANT is an interactive visual installation that questions how we engage with the physical surroundings we try to capture. Dalia Todary-Michael, Ivan Carosati and Alessandro Andriani invite festival-goers to be transported into our digitally reflected realities in real human space with an abstract, hyperactive rotation of projected images – a deluge of landscapes and physical realities culled from Instagram uploads in fast motion. Participant interaction will prompt a response, framing you in one of the unseen landscapes and in the question: Where are you now & where will you be in an instant ?

Images taken by IN AN INSTANT participants will also be shared online through the artist group’s live Twitter feed on the evening of Saturday, October 31st, so this #NightShift15 attraction also doubles as an unbeatable spot to capture yourself in costume.


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44 Gaukel (corner of Gaukel & Charles streets)
No touching!
Limited Space