28 Kitchener Sync

Chapter 3: The Warriors \\ fight scene film shoot

The Kitchener Sync team will be filming a major fight scene in the firefighter’s memorial monument park – a pivotal moment in the next chapter of their new dramedy series set and produced in Kitchener.

The series’ main protagonist, Gretchen, finds herself in a dangerous scenario when confronted by three fanboys (aka The Warriors). A battle begins, leaving one person standing.

The fight will be stunt coordinated from 7pm onwards. Come and witness the awesomeness of filmmaking at it’s finest. The park will be lit by productions lights and fog machines.

+ catch chapter one of Kitchener Sync at the Apollo Cinema on Oct 28th – then plan to be back at the Apollo on November 13th for the debut of chapter two.


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"Kitchener Sync" Trailer from Lyndon Horsfall on Vimeo .

Civic Centre Park (corner of Otto & Queen streets)
No touching!