30 Lair of the Dragon

Frog in Hand ‘s medieval dance battle

This is no traditional tale of two knights on a quest to slay a dragon, nor a battle between good and evil. This epic meeting of dragons and men aims to dismount the common meaning of courage, redefine the power of empathy and highlight the struggle of humanity’s strained relationship with nature. It’s a whirlwind exploration of the collective identity of humanity that tiptoes the borders between culture and myth.

Blending swordplay and dance, Frog in Hand Productions returns to Night\Shift for a third straight year to present a choreographed mission by two knights to the dragon’s lair. Yet these warriors will not meet the beast they expect; nor are they prepared for the realizations they will find buried within themselves. With breathtaking feats of swordplay and biting subtleties alike, the knights battle with the idea of meaning of greed and the redemptive power of empathy.


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Centre in the Square's landing pad entrance area (101 Queen St. N.)
Performances at 7:30, 8:30, 10 & 11:15pm