16 Make Your Own Monster Mask!

Agnes Makes & In Paper Dreams will turn you into an adorable monster

Two of the city’s most paper-obsessed makers are teaming up to help costume Night\Shift festival explorers – especially those who flaked on dressing up – by setting up simple but fabulous monster mask creation stations. Choose from a variety of pre-cut features (eyeballs, ears, horns, feathers) to fasten using staplers and glue, then dig into the markers and pens to add scars, blood, veins or whatever other textures you feel your nocturnal adventure spirit animal is missing. All materials provided for you to Make Your Own – owning your monster mask at Night\Shift is up to you…

Agnes Makes

In Paper Dreams


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THEMUSEUM (10 King St. W.)
8pm-until we run outta mask-making materials...
Limited Space