35 Inter Arts Matrix presents Signature

Step up and wield the Euphonopen to add your name to the electroacoustic atmospherics.

Signature is an interactive performance environment with live video, electroacoustics and Euphonopen (a digital drawing instrument that manipulates sound). Night\Shift explorers can sign in with the Euphonopen and their signatures become part of a stunning visual and sonic fabric projected onto the wall before them and the cube atop City Hall. As each new person signs in, the sound and video projections of their name act together as a kind of social convener, announcing the arrival of each new person.

Our names are a deeply personal part of our individual and community narratives. Our signatures are a unique expression of self. Through the use of names and signatures, Signature speaks to heritage, identity, community and citizenship.

Created at Inter Arts Matrix by:

Isabella Stefanescu – artistic director & Euphonopen sound

Nick Storring – composer

Christine Duncan – conductor & composer

André Pappathomas – conductor & composer

Klaus Engel – Euphonopen interface design

Edward Cho – software assistant

Performance credits:

Christine Duncan – conductor

Nick Storring – sound design

Isabella Stefanescu – visual design

Selin Erkaya – stage manager

Anne-Marie Donovan – producer


More sites

Kitchener City Hall (200 King St. W.)
8pm to midnight-ish