18 Silent Drive-In

Let Community CarShare take you back before the talkies

We’ll be projecting classic films from the silent era on a borrowed facade, so cozy up in one of a handful of Community CarShare vehicles – either with friends or strangers. Expect to see some Chaplin, Méliès, and more…

As a non-profit co-operative that provides self-serve access to a fleet of vehicles to its members, we’re all about deconstructing car culture and findings ways to enable people to opt-out of car ownership – or to reduce the number of cars in driveways. We invite you to reimagine the drive-in, an emblem of North America’s love affair with the automobile. And to explore the distinction between parking and public space.

How does an experience change when it is shared? What is possible when we loosen the reins of ownership?


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Goudies Line behind Scotiabank (at Ontario St.)
No touching!