23 Andy Warhol presents: Valerie

Green Lights Arts unsheathes the double-edged sword of radical feminism.

You’re invited to a party at The Factory.

It’s for Val. She hates men. Like seriously, she is NOT a fan of them. In fact, she’s written a manifesto of her thoughts about eradicating them. That’s why Andy is throwing the party: to launch her manifesto. Only things don’t go exactly as planned.

Join green light arts , Fail Better Theatre and the rest of the ‘crazies’ in this interactive, immersive theatrical experience, which Toronto’s Daily Xtra called “exactly what theatre should be.” You might even get a selfie with Andy Warhol.

Written by Ben Hayward & Ali Richardson

Performed by Ben Hayward, Ali Richardson, Nicholas Potter and The Chorus

Directed by Matt White

Sound Design by Nicholas Potter

Valerie Solanas is best known for her SCUM Manifesto , a ferocious satire that calls for the eradication of all men in order to end sexism. While trying to get Andy to produce her play Up Your Ass , Val became part of his offbeat gang at the Factory in NYC. After a misfit friendship with the prince of pop, Valerie shot Andy four times in the summer of ’68.

Andy Warhol presents: Valerie premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival in July 2014 to acclaimed reviews and sold-out shows .


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54 Queen St. S., 2nd floor
Limited capacity (70 people), 45-minute performances begin at 10:30pm and 1am.
Limited Space