25 Adam Bailey is On Fire

Green Lights Arts presents a preacher’s son, unfurled

Adam Bailey invites you to take communion, to break bread the way he did at his church when he was a kid. He’s even brought the Cadillac of all communion wine substitutes,Welch’s grape juice, for you to share. Sharing is how we build community and the significance of sharing communion is something Adam comes by naturally, as naturally as any gay man raised by an evangelical minister should.

Adam shares several true and frank stories about the deeply internal conflicts that exist between sexuality and religious faith. With post-modern whimsy he explains how he spent much of his youth confused and alone, praying not to be gay while fantasizing about the very boys who beat him up because of it. He talks about his first trip to a bathhouse, his rampant dalliances with pharmaceuticals, his self-discovery as both a person of faith and part of the LGBTQ community, and the events that led him to meet the man he would marry.

While his father loves him very much, he didn’t exactly welcome him back with open arms, as the Prodigal Son. Adam’s story is more like the Book of Genesis , where Adam isn’t really, completely allowed back into the Garden. So Adam has decided to build a new garden. Right here, with you, where everyone is welcome.

Adam Bailey is On Fire was developed with the assistance of Factory Theatre.


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The Registry Theatre (122 Frederick St.)
1-hour performances at 9pm & 11:30pm
Limited Space