26 Night Creatures outside KPL

Scary stories + night creature mural + Hot Drinks by Hacienda

Gather ‘round the fire and free your inner night creature (on paper, that is).

Are you a night creature? A nocturnal animal or a nighttime ghoul? Visit Kitchener Public Library’s creation station and release your beast onto paper and add it to our mural wall. After that, head over to the campfire to listen in or read a scary story. Night\Shift explorers can choose from a selection of spooky classic tales or share their own originals! Then, if the campfire stories make your blood run cold, drop by the Hacienda Coffee to purchase something warm and delicious to drink – the KPL central branch ’s resident caffeine provider is also participating in the 2nd annual Hot Drinks Taste-Off (hold tight for more details about that).


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Kitchener Public Library central branch (85 Queen St. N.)