8 Car Park \\ Hanna Negami, Adam Francey, Richard Marion & Stephen Trothen

The winning project – a subversive sound installation – at CriMeLab ‘s ART\HACK-a-thon on Oct 21st/22nd .


Car Park is a sound installation presented as a pop-up park under a four-stall parking area off a downtown laneway. A soundscape of ambient city-noise, recorded in Kitchener, fills the space alongside outcroppings of greenery, chill out furniture and a conspicuous vehicle. Festival-goers are invited to interact with both the car and the park, where they will have the opportunity to shape the ever-evolving soundscape.

Inspired by the experience of moving through public space (streets) in a private device (automobile), the city noise will evolve throughout the night based on participant interaction, creating a dynamic collage. Car Park seeks to upend the site’s privateness and invert the binary of public and private.


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In a small, covered parking area off Halls Lane, midway between Gaukel & Ontario, behind both Matter of Taste and Cafe Pyrus
Sat Nov 5th \\ 7pm until late
7 Vaudevillian Variety Show \\ various performers
9 Coffee After Dark! \\ Matter of Taste