12 Cafe Culture Comic Strip Mural \\ Trevor Waurechen

Cafes and comic strips share a well-established history as windows into modern life.

trevmerccropped This month-long residency project will serve to link the two, and provide viewers with a glimpse of themselves and those around them, turning the windows of the Mercury Café (down the hall from its sister business, Apollo Cinema ) into a figurative mirror. Kitchener-based cartoonist Trevor Waurechen ’s serial comic strip story will depict a typical cafe conversation, in which no topic is taboo and everything makes sense for at least as long as the coffee stays hot.

The story will unfold one window at a time over the course of the month, culminating in an interactive display during #NightShift16, when the entire strip will be transformed into Kitchener’s largest grown-up colouring book. Produced in black marker on the cafe’s floor-to-ceiling glass panels, festival-goers on November 5th will be invited to colour in the completed story from the opposite side of the glass.


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Mercury Cafe (30 Duke St. W.)
Gradually created from Oct 5th to Nov 4th + Sat Nov 5th \\ 7pm-midnight