10 Dance Your Own Adventure \\ Green Light Arts & Tilted Arts

An immersive performance piece that fuses theatre, live music and contemporary dance .

danceyourownadventure Inspired by the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, the director ( Green Light Arts ’ Matt White) will host a quest for the players of the game – the audience – by working with them to co-create a live dance inside The Walper Hotel ’s storied Oak Room . The audience participates in telling a story woven by movement and music, giving instinctive input to help shape a performance in just 45 minutes.

The creative cast will feature three musicians who are accomplished improvisers (including bassist Dave Mansell , accompanied by a guitarist and drummer), a choreographer ( Natasha Mansell ) and five dancers (including Green Light Arts’ founder & managing director Carin Lowerison ). The director instigates choices from the audience and the choreographer will shape festival-goers’ feedback to create an original, improvised piece with the dancers and musicians. The framework of the story (gestures and segments of choreography) are pre-determined, but the participating audience members will craft how the pieces of the story fit together and how it will end.

Each show (beginning at 10pm and midnight, sharp) will consist of 30 minutes of developing an improvised dance piece to improvised music, 10 minutes over review and refinement, and then a 5-minute final performance with music.


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The Oak Room at The Walper Hotel (20 Queen St. S.), 2nd floor
Sat Nov 5th \\ 10pm & midnight sharp
Limited Space