21 Groovy

Be hypnotized by Susan Coolen’s psychedelic circles

Multi-disciplined reuse artist Susan Coolen , whose eye-popping installation NEON/WOOD has hung charmingly and disarmingly from the ceiling over Bread Heads ’ diners since NIGHT SHIFT 2014, brings another shock of colour to the Duke Food Block joint’s front window in 2015 with her visually fun-loving, 1960s-flavoured takeover, GROOVY .

Coolen weaves a range of neons into psychedelic target patterns – some still and others moving pictures – that are hand-painted on circular cardboard plates (same as you might find beneath your fresh Bread Heads pie). Hang out front and be absorbed by the echo and overflow of rings rotating and pulsating to their own beat, cued by the 60s music playing inside.


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Bread Heads (16 Duke St. E.)
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