22 On&on&on…to the Spirit World

A cosmic campfire experience inside the labyrinth chapel

The veil between our plane of existence and the spirit dimension is thought to be thinnest on Halloween eve. Surround yourself in the unknown as you gather with your community – and a few elves, gnomes, and other mischievous creatures – to discover the boundaries of that veil.

Share a thought or ask a question out loud to someone that may inhabit another plane or parallel timeline. What would you say? To whom? Would you send thoughts of kindness to another layer of yourself, or warning of emotional turmoil?

Join production artists A Field of Crowns in a spectacularly hidden space: the labyrinth-tiled chapel inside St. Peter’s Lutheran Church . Experience the energy of those around you. Become aware of the terrifyingly slim connection between yourself and that of someone or something else from the flip side of reality.


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St. Peter's Lutheran Church (49 Queen St. N.)
Limited Space