Spotlight On: Kim Ho and Chris Mosiadz’s “Let’s Connect”

Made up of hundreds of business cards from dozens of people and businesses in the area, Let’s Connect is an interactive outdoor installation by local designer Kim Ho and Chris Mosiadz that illustrates the dynamic, innovative spirit of Waterloo Region.

The motivation behind the installation, from Kim’s website :

Communities are intriguing because they are consistently dynamic . So I started to investigate methods that would celebrate those qualities & return an experience that would personify that. The result: hanging business cards with fish lines in a central alleyway about the City’s core. The alley is a natural wind thoroughfare, it’s also a key connector between the two main activity zones for the event. Harnessing the natural air circulation of the alley meant these magically suspended cards would take their own forms with the wisp of the wind, effectively being consistently dynamic in their own right.

Hear more and watch Kim and Chris work on a prototype of the installation in our video interview. See if you can spot the A\J business cards – or your own!

Check out Let’s Connect in Goudies Lane, site #10 on the NIGHT\SHIFT map .