35 Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi?

Pat the Dog asks: snap yourself at instantly – or not?

Wanna take a selfie? Do you take pictures on your phone? Of course you do! But will you go Lo-Fi or Hi-Fi?

While exploring Night\Shift 2015 you may come across a pair of oddly dressed characters walking together among all the Halloween costumes – one is Lo-Fi and the other is Hi-Fi. Hi-Fi carries around a phone and asks people if they want their pictures taken. If they say yes – great! She’ll take their picture and instantly upload it to Instagram – where they can have their picture immediately. Lo-Fi, on the other hand, carries around a polaroid camera, a curious and seemingly obsolete cousin of the mobile phone. If you want your picture taken by Lo-Fi – great! But you’ll have to wait as your picture processes.

Will you choose an instant picture or a classic memory?


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