A therapeutic universe of sound and light driven by brainwaves.

This immersive sensory environment uses a mind-machine interface to algorithmically create a personalized palliative experience for users in real-time. Those who enter the LUCID geodesic dome (one at a time) are given an EEG reader and sound isolating earphones, and their brainwaves influence a customized blend of experimental music and patterns of coloured light that fills the space. Each combination of light and sound is engineered and modulated in response to the brain activity being monitored.

With a reported 20 per cent of Canadians living with suboptimal mental health, including 50 per cent of them less than 40 years old, LUCID was created in response to the growing need for mental health awareness in our communities. The immersive space provides a momentary escape from the waking mind and aims to foster the growth of a lasting mindfulness practice, inducing a “dream-like” meditative state.

LUCID is currently a participant project in an innovative storytelling and media incubator at Ryerson University called the Transmedia Zone. The residency provides mentorship, studio space, in kind equipment rentals and volunteers/interns for the project’s development and public practice.



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Mercury Cafe (30 Duke St. W.), down the hallway from Apollo Cinema
Friday November 3rd @ 5pm @ KWAG (walk-up) \\ Saturday November 4th @ 7pm @ Mercury Cafe (by appointment)
Live Music
Limited Space