9 Samarian Woman 28

Immerse in a self-guided augmented reality tale, seen and heard in empty spaces with a handheld device.

SW28 Samarian Woman 28 is an art- and research-based project using augmented reality, projections, sensors and digital display technologies to reveal the hidden stories of women. Consisting of four pieces spread throughout the NIGHT\SHIFT landscape (and many more in the months and years to follow), the project will make novel use of these technologies to engage audiences in opportunities for creative intervention.


Amanda Lowry – Music, composition

Duncan Finnigan – Cinematographer

Dr. Jeremy Hunsinger – Technology liaison, advisor

Nicole Battista – Research, immersive visuality, design

Paddy Gillard-Bentley – Dramaturge, text development, writer

Robin Bennett – Strategic planning, board development

Stephanie Rozek – Technical writer/editor, music

Terre Chartrand – Artistic director, writer

Presenting: Julia Krauss & Renee Lees

This project is supported by REAP Waterloo , 12 Angry Filmmakers and Chrysalides House .


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