9 Psychedelic Mushroom Forest Portal \\ Kate Cox

A playful, vibrant invitation to go deep into eye-popping colours and visual rhythms.

img_20161011_100426234 A reimagining of aperture, realized as a triptych glass mural on the front window of your friendly neighbourhood game-playing tavern. The tryptic will borrow from traditional stained glass and woodcut aesthetics, yet it will also be underpinned by the sense that as time changes, so too do places and the potential to transcend the everyday to a more resonant experience.

Psychedelic Mushroom Forest Portal is a playful, vibrant invitation to engage more deeply with eye-popping colours and visual rhythms, created by Kate Cox, the Adventurers Guild ’s co-proprietor and a fabulously mad and ever-curious multimedia artist.

Menu items that are thematic companions to the mural will also be available!


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Adventurers Guild Board Game Cafe & Tavern (36 Ontario St. N.)
Sat Nov 5th \\ 7pm-2am
No touching!