Spotlight On: Josh Martin’s Simple Pleasures Chalkboard

What simple pleasures and experiential riches are on your list?

The Simple Pleasures Chalkboard is a physical manifestation of the Simple Pleasures Project from Lifestyle Citizens . In a time of over-consumption, the project encourages us to embrace non-material sources of fulfillment.

Here’s a great explanation from the Simple Pleasures Project photo gallery:

When Lifestyle Citizens executive director Josh Martin was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia, he made a list of 118 “reasons to fight.” Nowhere on his list were things like a big TV, fancy house, expensive car or any of the other material measures of success our society puts so much emphasis on.

Instead, the list burst at the seams with simple pleasures, great experiences and the amazing people in his life.

Here’s what Josh is looking forward to at NIGHT\SHIFT:

I’m excited to be bringing the Simple Pleasures Chalkboard to NIGHT\SHIFT and getting everybody to share what little things bring them big joy. From comfy slippers to fall colours to a hot chocolate on a cold day, the world is filled with awesome simple pleasures. Can’t wait to see what’s on your list! You can learn more about this project and how my fight with cancer inspired the idea here .

And here’s Josh talking about the near-death origins of the project: