Spotlight On: Mano A Mano Radio

Check out this multi-media collaborative extravaganza The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff .

The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff is an audio comic with accompanying visuals that aired on the Mano A Mano show on 100.3 SoundFM this year. Featuring a number of KW musicians and visual artists, the comic does a great job of showing off the artistic talent of the region.

The video for the final instalment is premiering at NIGHT\SHIFT, in a parking lot on the East side of Queen St North just below Vogelsang Green.

You can preview the audio track on the SoundFM website, or watch the first episode right here .

We asked Mano A Mano what they’re looking forward to about NIGHT\SHIFT and this is what they said:

We are extremely excited to be a part of the inaugural NIGHT\SHIFT festival. We hope to heighten people’s awareness about the great musical and visual artist that are in the KW region. In The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff, we not only wanted to focus on the great music that has been created in this country but also focus on many of the bands from this region that we feel need to be in the discussion when it comes to great Canadian Music. In addition to focusing on local Canadian Music we also have 6 KW artists who contributed to the project. Each episode we had a different artist portray the events that can be heard in the audio.
We are hoping that people will become aware of this project and check out the audio series at home. There are a lot of interactive pieces to the series that will engage the audience to learn more about the arts and culture in a fun way.