11 Live music showcase by Weird Canada

The righteous Lido Pimienta headlines an incredible lineup of rising DIY song crafters.


Isla Craig teases soul-styled refractions into a harmonious groove. She’ll lull and break you into always wanting more.

Petra Glynt wields a pulsing summoning to dance the world right. A drum-dance into euphoria. ( Read more from Weird Canada about her “Sour Paradise” video !)

Moe Clark , a Métis artist trained with the likes of Rhiannon (Bobby McFerrin’s voicestra), Pura Fé ( Ulali ) and David Smukler (Linklater approach) , pulls nomadic loops of spoken word and melody over entrancing sonic landscapes.

Lido Pimienta and her crew will shout their righteous call to summon the revolution with electronic beats, analog synths, Afro-Colombian rhythms and out-of-this-world chanting.

Set times will be confirmed closer to November 1st. In the meantime, check out this other Weird Canada piece about a 2013 record with contributions from three of the artists playing this Night\Shift showcase.


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Sour Paradise - Petra Glynt from Blake Macfarlane on Vimeo .

Vogelsang Green (corner of Duke & Queen)
7pm to 11pm
Live Music