19 Block3 pop-up pub + MYO mummies

THEMUSEUM welcomes Block3 + live late-night music and the #MYOmummy challenge!

Night\Shift is ecstatic to welcome Block 3 Brewing Company into the 2014 festival landscape! The St. Jacobs-based, small-batch specialists will be selling three different flavours of beer at THEMUSEUM , offering explorers a warm, cozy spot to wet their whistles and decide what’s next on the nocturnal adventure agenda.

But there are also plenty of reasons to hang back and be entertained. In a nod to its current exhibition, “ Unwrapping Egypt ,” THEMUSEUM will be hosting a make-your-own mummy game for semi-lubricated explorers – redecorate and accessorize a mannequin, snap a photo with it and share your creation online with a #MYOmummy hashtag.

There will also be live music later on! Chiptune composer DEADBEATBLAST (aka Jake Moolenbeek) will kick off the show with an 8-bit onslaught of video games melodies and rhythms remixed with hacked equipment and backed up by projected visuals. Headliner Bass Lions will then serve up songs from their new record interwoven with more projected video art – featuring crowdsourced performances from their live video shoot earlier in the evening for the song “We Got Guts.”

Government-issued identification will be required to get a beer-buying wristband.


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THEMUSEUM (10 King St. W.)
Beer served: 8pm to 1:30am + Bands at 11:30pm & 12:30am
Live Music