20 Killing Art

12 Angry Filmmakers & Samarian Woman 28 create a disruptive live film shoot at Night\Shift!

Not enough of us know about the thriving filmmaking culture in K-W, but this marquee attraction at The Walper Hotel aims to fix that. An interactive exhibit-meets-production studio will be tethered to two disruptive film crews that will be roaming the festival landscape, shooting a mocku-horror-comedy about a Night\Shift installation gone tragically, bloodily wrong.


A filmmaker prepping a prop gun‎ for his involvement in Night\Shift is confronted by a nosy hotel guest talking loudly on the phone. He tries to ignore the guest as he lays out other small props for a behind-the-scenes-of-a-horror-flick exhibit. The hotel guest barges into the filmmaker’s room, leading to a mock gun draw between the two men. At 10 paces, the filmmaker fires first… BANG!

A live round. The filmmaker slowly staggers back as the gun drops to the floor. The guest, aggressive and agitated only moments ago, lays on the floor, dead.

The filmmaker panics and tries to find a hiding place for the body. Before he knows it, he’s immersed in the festival atmosphere and encountering random people who may either help, hinder or haunt him.

Killing Art will be begin shooting on the morning of Saturday, November 1st, and continue sporadically into the evening until approximately 11pm. Freestyle shooting locations will be peppered around the festival landscape and overlapping with other pieces of programming – there will be two roaming crews collecting footage on the fly. The project will be based out of second floor of The Walper Hotel which will host a series of interactive exhibits and activities, including a collection of special effects props and prosthetics, a “How to die well on camera” workshop, storyboards from the creation of Killing Art and an observable editing suite – which will be busy producing a very rough cut of the film as the festival goes on. The production will culminate in a midnight screening of the rough cut, plus a collection of short films created by the filmmakers contributing to Killing Art at Night\Shift.

Filmmakers: Duncan Finnigan , Lindsay Stewart and Terre Chartrand

Director of photography: Lyndon Horsfall

Stay tuned for more details about the cast and crew!

The Killing Art project also needs extras, production assistants and runners to keep the shoot moving smoothly. Please contact Night\Shift via facebook or use our Get Involved contact form to express your interest.


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12 Angry Filmmakers - A Good Start from Neil V on Vimeo .

The Walper Hotel (20 Queen St. S.)
Shooting begins at 9am. Interactive installations and disruptive filmmaking begin at 7pm. Licensed screening at Yuk Yuk\'s at midnight!
No touching!