14 Marble Alley

Be mesmerized by huge marbles that turn a DTK nook aglow.

Here’s something you never find in downtown Kitchener’s forgotten pockets: three-foot marbles that come alive, coaxed by the magic of traditional lighting effects.

MARBLE ALLEY is based on work produced by Gary Kirkham during his “PROject proJECT” residency at the Idea Exchange this past summer, in which he experimented with established film techniques to create 3D video effects. In a nutshell, it’s projection mapping without the mapping, instead using forced perspective, analog video, small marbles and white-screened exercise balls to build an amazing optical illusion.

Gary Kirkham is a video designer, playwright, actor and filmmaker. He has created video designs for UnSilent Night, MT Space, Randolph Academy, Canadian Arab Theatre, Cactusbloem (Belgium) Summerworks and others, and he has written several plays, including Falling: A Wake, Pearl Gidley and Queen Milli of Galt .


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Off Goudies Lane, in the nook behind 20 Queen St. N
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
No touching!