13 The House of Fun

What kind of folks will you find in the Fibre Funhouse?

Inside and around the FIBRE FUNHOUSE, get swept away by Green Light Arts . Listen to stories, learn songs, watch and contribute to the unfolding of a roaming, improvisational theatrical trip. Characters you encounter will be inspired by the layers of the FUNHOUSE, and animate it with their instincts and your interaction.

There will be five different plays, each about 20 minutes long. They will be on a three performance continuous loop and then a half hour break. Audiences will be able to then step into different rooms throughout that time and see/hear different stories over the hour and then come back and catch different stories throughout the night.

Green Light Arts is a brave and inventive regional theatre arts company that develops and presents live productions, arts education programming and community building happenings. GLA has offered impactful experiences that probe ideas, themes and challenges of contemporary society since 2014.



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In and around the Fibre Funhouse in Goudies Lane
Saturday November 4th \\ 8:30-9:30pm + 10-11pm + 11:30pm-12:30am
Limited Space