12 Fibre Funhouse

A gigantic, fractured-personality fort made out of fibre arts magic.

Imagine an oversized modular blanket fort with walls, doors, windows and ceilings constructed using various fibre arts techniques and materials. Think: Grannies Gone Wild (with crochet needles) + T-shirt tent-building + tie-dyed dreamland!

In the FUNHOUSE you’ll find a strange range of rooms full of whimsy, activities and wonder — spaces to play, relax, connect and explore. This project also threads together ideas rooted in city-building, teamwork, DIY craft culture, mixed-use development, green architecture and housing (un)availability.

The FUNHOUSE is a collaborative imagineering effort between multidisciplinary artist and maker Agnes Niewiadomski, and landscape architect and visual artist Michelle Purchase. Both have contributed great pieces to past Night\Shift festivals, and they’re excited to join forces with other hand-makers to bring you this year’s oddball takeover of Goudies Lane.




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Under the covered area in Goudies Lane, halfway between Ontario & Queen.
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
  Limited Space
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