12 Fibre Funhouse

A gigantic, fractured-personality fort made out of fibre arts magic.

Imagine an oversized modular blanket fort with walls, doors, windows and ceilings constructed using various fibre arts techniques and materials. Think: Grannies Gone Wild (with crochet needles) + T-shirt tent-building + tie-dyed dreamland!

In the FUNHOUSE you’ll find a strange range of rooms full of whimsy, activities and wonder — spaces to play, relax, connect and explore. This project also threads together ideas rooted in city-building, teamwork, DIY craft culture, mixed-use development, green architecture and housing (un)availability.

The FUNHOUSE is a collaborative imagineering effort between multidisciplinary artist and maker Agnes Niewiadomski , and landscape architect and visual artist Michelle Purchase . Both have contributed great pieces to past Night\Shift festivals, and they’re excited to join forces with other hand-makers to bring you this year’s oddball takeover of Goudies Lane.




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Under the covered area in Goudies Lane, halfway between Ontario & Queen.
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
Limited Space