3 Night\Shift 2017 live music showcase

Lick your lobes with a dope spread of experimental Canadian music acts.

An all-over-the-map lineup of musical performers, from spooky looped violin and vocals to heavy duty flow to an off-the-beaten-track four-on-the-floor trip to dance into the wee hours. All six performers will also be paired with a visual artist using the Apollo Cinema’s huge screen and projector setup as a complementary canvas!

respectfulchild \\

with visuals by James Anthony Usas

You’ll Never Get to Heaven \\

with a compiled collage of visuals…

New Fries \\

with visuals by nik harron


with visuals by Bryce Kushnier

Cadence Weapon \\

with visuals by VERSA

Coy Haste \\

with visuals by Jaxamuse

Set times TBA very soon.


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Apollo Cinema (141 Ontario St. N.)
Saturday November 4th @ 7pmish until 2am
Live Music
No touching!
Limited Space