4 VRLENS monitors

Unleash your eyeballs on a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic peep show

The latest incarnation of landscape painter and gaming guru nik harron ’s VRLENS project aims to transport viewers to a futuristic fantasy land while also harkening back to the golden era of circus sideshow peep boxes.

Festival-goers will be invited to peer into a series of four small viewing boxes. Inside each are video loops reimagined by kaleidoscopic analogue filters, creating more than 50 completely unique visual environments. Constructed from laser-cut acrylic and discarded computer monitors, VRLENS MONITORS produce their virtual spaces by drawing on aspects of computer graphics, maker culture, history and art.

Harron’s paintings has two decades of exhibition experience in public and private galleries and is a member of the Art District Gallery co-operative. His interactive side projects – including the oversized “King Pong” video game controller and “InfiniScope” kaleidoscope – have delighted audiences of all ages at previous Night\Shift festivals and other local events.


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Mercury Cafe (30 Duke St. W.), down the hallway from Apollo Cinema
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
No touching!
Limited Space