17 Offerings

A looping, horror-film triptych installation amped up by live drone music.

This distillation of folk-horror filmmaking lets go of formal narrative structure and instead focuses on fetishizing texture, atmosphere and ambiance. Torin Langen’s aim is to hypnotize viewers, enlisting them as participants in the surreal on-screen performances.

OFFERINGS presents three simultaneously looping experimental black-and-white horror visuals, all of them fragments from Langen’s 3 Dead Trick Or Treaters anthology. The films depict heavily costumed characters performing mysterious rituals in caves, forests and dilapidated structures, their strange movements accentuated by a live instrumental noise soundtrack that hinges on tribal drums, distortion and reverb.

Torin Langen is a Canadian feature film and music video director specializing in dark themes and atmosphere. Carrying out most aspects of the creative process himself, from storyboarding to art direction, Langen’s highly-textured work is charged with a surreal, haunting energy.



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Inside the empty store space between TWH Social’s entrance & Worth A Second Look Books.
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
No touching!
Live Music
Limited Space