18 Selectively Selective

A joyful experiment in our common perception of the mundane

Aiming to explore how the brain filters basic information in the modern age, SELECTIVELY SELECTIVE is a participatory art exhibit created and conducted by Ian James Newton.

Festival-goers will be encouraged to contribute to a series of simple, timed drawing sessions of everyday objects from memory. Drawings will be collected and displayed for the duration of the night on Saturday, November 4th, gradually forming a makeshift gallery. As the rollback of our clock approaches, the gallery grows.

Newton, aka Spool Oops , is a visionary visual artist, musician and cultural curator. He is the driving force behind the long-standing Blue Dot series, a multifaceted art and music experience, and he loves to make people dance.


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Behind the coat check at TWH Social (in the basement of 1 King St. W.)
Saturday November 4th @ 7pm
Limited Space