10 Resist Psychic Death

A sharp political message emblazoned on a cheeky spectacle.

The ever-inventive Ellie Anglin is crafting a huge banner out of felt, tassels and sequins! The work — an homage to the title of a 1992 song by feminist punk band Bikini Kill — riffs on the use of banners as protest art while elevating traditionally feminine creative disciplines and perceived tacky, cheap or kitschy materials to fine-art status.

RPD It’s also a clarion call for continued critical thought, resistance and outrage in the face of the Drumpf administration and Canada 150.

Ellie Anglin is a multimedia artist and writer. Her work addresses themes of gender, sexuality, nature, folk art and pop culture. RESIST PSYCHIC DEATH is inspired by the many women-identified artists who inform her on-going work, including her mother (a master quilter), textile artist Allyson Mitchell, and Kathleen Hannah — front-woman of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, and a pioneer of Riot Grrrrl and feminist zine culture.



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Off the back roof of 8 Queen St. N.
Saturday, November 4th @ 7pm
No touching!