Hey! This page contains information on last year's event, NIGHT\SHIFT 2013.
Checkout the homepage for the latest on NIGHT\SHIFT 2014 taking place on Saturday, November 1st, or check out what the media had to say about Night\Shift 2013 .

Night\Shift Official Kick-off

Join us at the Duke Food Block & HQ ( site 7 ) and Vogelsang Green ( site 8 ) starting at 7pm for a taste of what's in store.

Time Act
7:00pm Duke Street restaurants open for business: My Burger, Duke Street Muse, Cheeses Murphy, Holy Guacamole & Bread Heads details
7:15pm Music: Ever-lovin' Jug Band
8:30pm Frog in Hand presents Vanishing Point details
8:45pm Gnomes Living in the Shadows of Humans details
8:55pm Welcome to Night\Shift!
Opening remarks and official start of Night\Shift
9:00pm Spoken word by K-W Poetry Slam details
9:15pm uWaterloo and U of Guelph juggling clubs perform details
9:30pm Frog in Hand presents Vanishing Point details
9:45pm Music: Bass Lions
10:05pm Music: Rich Aucoin details
10:30pm Frog in Hand presents Vanishing Point details

Sites Key

Live Music
Look, but don't touch

Explorers' Map and Contest

Ask NIGHT\SHIFT volunteers to stamp your explorers' map (PDF, 1MB) at 5 or more attractions and drop it off at either 2 , 7 (HQ), 19 or 20 to be entered in a draw to win!

Get your copy of the explorers' map from a NIGHT\SHIFT volunteer at one of our sites. NIGHT\SHIFT volunteers will be wearing blue scraves.

Site 1: K-W Art Gallery

Exhibits open after hours — featuring “ Circling the Inverse Square ” + David Hoffos’ “ The Lost Minutes, Stage One: Shadow of the Platypus ” + more.

101 Queen Street N (Queen and Otto streets)
Look, but don't touch

Circling the Inverse Square includes sculptures, installations, photographs and drawings that illuminate boundaries and connections between the individual and the universal.
Adam David Brown, Jessica Eaton, Karilee Fuglem, Marla Hlady, Richard Sewell, Charles Stankievech. Curated by Shannon Anderson.

The Lost Minutes, Stage One: Shadow of the Platypus is a three-channel video, audio and mixed-media installation that explores the collective modern conditions of melancholy and anxiety.
David Hoffos. Curated by Crystal Mowry.

Seeing is Believing features works from the KWAG’s permanent collection including Vasarely, Dallegret, Albers and Yvaral . These pieces of Op Art are from one of the most popular art movements of the 20th century. Curated by Jennifer Bullock

Site 2: Otto Street

BIKE\SHIFT – “Show us your bike face!” photo booth + bike gallery + bike generator + CLIPPED Outdoors activities + more

Otto Street near Queen Street
Look, but don't touch

9:00PM–3:00AM BikeKitchener.ca ‘s BIKE\SHIFT

Show us your bike face!

BIKE\SHIFT is a set of cycling-centric activities: Hop on a bike for an action shot (and prizes!) in our “ show us your bike face ” photo booth with photographers Darin White and Joe Martz or take a spin on the uWaterloo Sustainable Technology Education Project ‘s bike generator. Bikes provided by McPhail’s Cycle & Sports.

Drop by the WaterlooBikes interactive display about getting around Waterloo Region sans L’Auto, bring your bicycle for a free tune up, hear live music, speakers on bicycle touring and try out a folding bicycle, a cargo bicycle and a classic dutch oma fiets (dutch for bicycle). Click for details .

Talk to the Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) about getting around Downtown without owning your own bike, and chat with Grand River Car Share about how you can make going car-free easier with a Car Share membership and check out one of the electric cars in their fleet.

Marco Barakoski
Check out artist Marco Barakoski ‘s sculptures made from recycled materials and watch him work on a new bike-themed piece!

Read our Artist Spotlight on Marco Barakoski

8:00PM–1:00AM – CLIPPED Outdoors ‘ family-friendly, outdoor-loving activities
CLIPPED Outdoors will be running family oriented games that build knowledge of cycling and what it means to be a cyclist in Waterloo Region, plus running workshops to increase your bike skills! Join in on big group games at 9:00, 10:30, and 12:00.

Site 3: Civic Centre Park (Firefighters’ Memorial Park)

“Best Intentions,” an interactive, illuminated piece by uWaterloo and U of Guelph juggling clubs + join the Jack-O-Lantern-O-Rama + share your thoughts with Cord Community After Dark

Civic Centre Park (Queen from Ahrens to Otto)
Look, but don't touch

10:30PM, 11:30PM , 12:30AM & 1:30AM Juggling Metaphors
Best Intentions is a glow-in-the-dark juggling performance by uWaterloo and uGuelph Juggling Clubs . The interactive, live-performance metaphor for intervention encourages people to consider the ramifications of their actions.

7:00PM–3:00AM – Jack-O-Lantern-O-Rama
Bring your otherwise-useless-as-of-November-1st Hallowe’en pumpkin to the park to show it off for a second time! If a late-night adventure doesn’t work for your young’uns, drop yours off early: City of Kitchener Ward 10 councillor Dan Glenn-Graham will be holding down the fort from 4:00-7:00pm, protecting your pumpkins from passers-by turned smashers-by. You can also help arrange the jack-o-lanterns at 7:00, and stick around for more family friendly activities at 8:00 with CLIPPED Outdoors as part of Bike\Shift .

Can’t make it out on the 2nd but still want to contribute your jack-o-lantern? Drop it off at the A\J office (195 King St W, Suite 202) on November 1st during regular business hours.

8:00PM–1:00AM – Cord Community After Dark
Cord Community turns the table on the audience by hosting interactive interviews throughout the night with any passerby who can take the heat of a live talk show interview. This could be your 5 minutes of fame.

Site 4: Gaol Garden

Local designer Samantha Johnston presents “Through the Looking Glass” in the stone courtyard beside the courthouse.

77 Queen Street N


Beauty Reconsidered
Samantha Johnston presents Through the Looking Glass , an installation that will challenge viewers to reconsider standard definitions of beauty.

Site 5: Registry Theatre

Midnight screening of 2013’s Local Focus Film Festival winners & more + 2:30 am: There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void .

122 Frederick Street
Look, but don't touch

12AM — Multicultural Cinema Club presents the winners of Local Focus Film Festival , The Grand River Film Festival , Berlin Shorts , Charlie Awards and Kitchener Youth Winners and more. Films include animation, documentary, music video, feature and youth-created videos.

2:30AM — A\J’s Planet in Focus K-W presents There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void . Winner of the 2013 Tromsø Palm for “Best Film From the North,” it is a brilliant, ambitious and unconventional tour de force. The film is a semi-fictional, sci-fi documentary, made as Director Saeed Taji Farouky’s love-letter to the Arctic.

There Will Be Some Who Will Not Fear Even That Void (teaser) from Saeed Taji Farouky on Vimeo .

Site 6: Sidewalk on Frederick

Find local artist Meg Harder ‘s “[Inner]National Parks” installation here and other downtown locations.

Various locations, including at Frederick and Weber streets

parks1 [INNER]National Parks
Meg Harder designates small natural areas of the cityscape as National Parks, challenging the dichotomy between natural and human-made spaces and satirizing the preservation of tiny pieces of nature surrounded by vast unprotected, developed regions.

bullhorn Read our Artist Spotlight on Meg Harder

Site 7: Duke Food Block + HQ

Night\Shift headquarters + My Burger, Duke Street Muse , Cheeses Murphy , Holy Guacamole & Bread Heads open 7pm until late + “Swing Pump” installation from THEMUSEUM’s Surface Tension + “Ban the Bottle” by SWIGS + Nighttime art market + Solar road panel demo by CPATT + more!

Duke Street between Frederick and Queen streets
Look, but don't touch

7PM–LATE – Bright satire
Toronto-based artist Matt King will occupy Cheeses Murphy’s storefront window with two new collage works from his Chose (Somethings) series, creating a site-specific riff on commercial advertising signage. King also plays in Absolutely Free , and his visual art can currently be seen in Micah Lexier’s One and Two (and More Than Two) exhibit at The Power Plant , as well as in an upcoming show at Forest City Gallery .

8PM–12AM – Nighttime Art Market
Browse the works of 11 local artists and artisans.

9PM–3AM – Water Pump Incognito
This is a working model of a water pump disguised as a piece of playground equipment, from THEMUSEUM’s Surface Tension exhibit. Created in partnership with uWaterloo’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department , it was designed for areas where pumping water is a daily and tedious chore, common in many developing countries.

9PM–3AM – SWIGS Against Bottled Water
Ban the Bottle presentation by Students of the Water Institute Graduate Section ( SWIGS ) is a provocative intervention into the bottled water industry. This multimedia installation will inform viewers of the wasteful resource inputs required and suggest policy options to inspire change.

Solar-Powered Roads
The Centre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (CPATT) , based at uWaterloo, are demonstrating their current research on solar road panel design. The team is developing a way to harness the solar energy bombarding Canada’s paved highways and hopes to spur public interest in the ways that infrastructure can be designed for more sustainability.
Andrew Northmore, Susan Tighe & uWaterloo’s CPATT .

Site 8: Vogelsang Green

Live performances by Frog in Hand , Trash Theatre , Rich Aucoin + more!

Vogelsang Green at Queen Street N and Duke Street
Live Music

Gnomes Living in the Shadows of Humans Roaming Gnomes
Trash Theatre introduces their roaming performance project, Gnomes Living in the Shadows of Humans .

The banished gnomes of Bimmula Raim are excited to present some brand new verses and original (as well as traditional) songs to the people of Kitchener-Waterloo.  Normally shy creatures, the gnomes will be roaming around downtown playing, rapping, and frolicking in unexpected places.

froginhand 8:30PM, 9:30PM, 10:30PM – Dance a Duet against corporate capitalism
Frog in Hand Productions presents Vanishing Point , a dance performance that is both a protest against abuse of power in Colombia and a meditation on the breakdown of communication. Audience members are invited to intervene and thereby shape the performance as it evolves. Visit Frog in Hand on Facebook .

The following performance was created by Frog in Hand co-directors Colleen Snell and Noelle Hamlyn for the 2013 Mississauga Waterfront Festival:

Site 9: Queen Street Parking Lot

Mano A Mano presents The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff .

East side of Queen St N just below Vogelsang Green.
Look, but don't touch

Mu lti-Media Comic Extravaganza
The world premier of the final instalment of The Electrifying Adventures of DJ Jeff E Jeff , ordinarily heard on 100.3 SoundFM . This audio-visual comic features the work of numerous K-W musicians and visual artists in a multi-media collaborative extravaganza. You can preview the audio track on the SoundFM website.

bullhorn Read our Spotlight on Mano A Mano Radio

Watch the first episode:

Site 11: StylFrugal

A special presentation of Body Doubles by Bass Lions .

30 Ontario St N

Bass Lions will be continuously screening the audio/video convergence Body Doubles in the alley beside StylFrugal during NIGHT/SHIFT.  Come look and listen – bring your own headphones, or use a pair provided, keep your eyes on the prize and prepare to be mesmerized as ‘Body Doubles’ draws you in with its hypnotic combination of imagery and music.

StylFrugal will be open for all-night shopping during NIGHT/SHIFT: come inside, warm up, and peruse the racks of stylish consignment and new clothing for that certain something that screams “I’m walking around downtown Kitchener at night time in an artsy-kind-of mood.”

Body Doubles teaser video:

Site 12: CBC K-W

“Urban form, society and individuals” photoblog by uWaterloo Association of Graduate Planners on the CBC TVs.

117 King Street W
Look, but don't touch

Site 13: Walper Hotel

In a hallway below the Walper, Jennifer Gough of Minds Eye Studio presents “Clash,” an installation that demands noisy audience participation.

20 Queen St S

07a_Gough_GiantXWord Make Your Point
Jennifer Gough ’s installation Clash explores the process of colliding ideas and how they can alter the course of events – is it the voice of force or the voice of reason that wins out?

Read our Artist Spotlight on Jennifer Gough

Site 14: Strange Utopia

Binary Forest perform their multimedia show with visual installations by Bernie Rohde .

33 Queen St S
Live Music
Look, but don't touch

Binary Forest 10PM, 12AM – Experimental Music & Multimedia Project
Syd Ursa, Goran Dmitrovic & Bernie Rohde . Binary Forest is a musical performance and technological art installation designed to stir up the K-W music scene and challenge your idea of what a typical music show should be.

Site 15: Queen Street Commons Café

Spoken word showcase by KW Poetry Slam and The New Quarterly + K-W region activists’ bazaar + warm drinks and treats!

43 Queen St S

027 aw Spoken Word Showcase
Enjoy performances by the KW poetry slam team – Beth Murch, Jaded, C-Command, Janice Lee & Alex McDonnell – plus 4-time member of the Toronto Poetry Slam team David Delisca .

bullhorn Read our Spotlight on the KW Poetry Slam team

Time Act
10:00pm KW Slam Team – Beth Murch, Jaded, C-Command, Janice Lee
10:30pm Tanis MacDonald
11:00pm David Delisca
11:30pm Shayna Stock, Alex McDonnell
12:00pm Open Mic begins
2:00am Open Mic closes

The Picto-Path : KPL’s Chain-Link Couture
Sketch or collage a small literary-themed doodle or write a few thoughts about a recently-read book and have your words and imagery help make a vibrant community entrance-way to the main library during the lengthy construction.

Activists’ Bazaar
Check out local environmental, food and social justice organizations, including LSPIRG, Grand River Indigenous Solidarity, Transition KW, the Waterloo Region Food Systems Round Table and more!

Site 16: Multicultural Cinema Club and Brown Salon

Local artist and printmaker Michelle Purchase takes over second floor windows on Queen Street and Hall’s Lane with her silhouette installations.

33 and 43 Queen Street S
Look, but don't touch

mpurchase-nightshift Home Sweet Home

Michelle Purchase ’s visual installation, Arborification , challenges assumptions about housing and notions of home. This artwork is a series of blacklit silhouettes occupying the second-floor windows of MCC and Brown Salon. These are viewable from the street and wrap around the building on Queen St. and Hall’s Lane.

Site 17: Queen Street Yoga

Free yoga classes led by QSY’s Leena and Emma featuring DJ Herbasshifts + In Case of Emergency Please Break Glass , a multi-instrumental, danced intervention on Philip Glass’ “Knee Play 4.”

44 Queen St S
Live Music

8PM, 10PM & MIDNIGHT – Late-night body-movin’ yoga
Stretch, strengthen and have a blast at any of these three extra-special no-charge yoga practices crafted by Leena and Emma of Queen Street Yoga , with soundtrack provided by DJ Miss Herbasshifts .

9:15PM, 11:15PM – In Case of Emergency Please Break Glass
A beautifully offbeat intervention on Philip Glass’ Knee Play 4 featuring classical instruments, voice, and ballroom, contemporary, and contact improv dance to deconstruct and reinterpret a single composition. The piece, which brings together a dozen local performing artists, is produced by Sarah Tolmie & Dawn Parker of the Raw Nerve Research Group / Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation , University of Waterloo.

Read our Spotlight on Queen Street Yoga

Site 18: Halls Lane

The “Simple Pleasures Chalkboard” presented by Josh Martin of Lifestyle Citizens .

Halls Lane between Queen and Ontario streets

joshmartin The Simple Pleasures Chalkboard

Josh Martin of Lifestyle Citizens presents a giant chalkboard for participants to record their simple pleasures. In a time of over-consumption, this project encourages us to embrace non-material sources of fulfillment. What simple pleasures and experiential riches are on your list?

Read our Artist Spotlight on Josh Martin

Here’s Josh talking about the near-death origins of the Simple Pleasures Project:

Site 19: Café Pyrus

Open late for coffee, kombucha on tap and licensed to serve + Ian James Newton remixes the Pyrus for NIGHT\SHIFT’s closing bash!

19 Charles Street W (across from the bus station)
Live Music


Dance & rediscover K-W into the wee hours!
For a single moon, Cafe Pyrus will be recreated as an immersive environment designed to stimulate and nurture. Zero to One studios and the underground Blue Dot events have a long local history of creating highly charged evenings that function as richly connecting, atypical social spaces. Intelligent play gives room for our shared humanity.

Contributors: Brendan Lawless, Dan Browne, Ian Newton, Jess Fritz, Scarlet Spades, Gorbet Design & Zumone.


Experience the retro-possessed poetry machine From Me To You
This interactive work by Gorbet Design playfully explores the power of words in a relationship, where individual characters are significant. From the lyrical to the absurd, unexpected changes evoke suddenly powerful imagery.

Café Pyrus Lineup

Time Act
10:00pm Scarlet Spades (Hamilton)
11:30pm Jess Fritz (Toronto)
1:00am Brendan Lawless (Oshawa)
2:30am Zumone

Site 20: PUC Pop-up

Weird Canada music showcase featuring Rich Aucoin , local punk bands and more! + Pop-up maker space and workshops by Kwartzlab , CriMeLab and SoOnCon .

The old Public Utilities Commission building at 195 King Street W (across from City Hall)
Live Music
Look, but don't touch


Rich Aucoin headlines an experimental music showcase!
This is how Weird Canada founder Aaron Levin described Aucoin’s music when the Haligonian musician’s Public Publication EP dropped a few years back: “What starts out like a cosmic tiki lounge briskly lunges into a heady array of dance-floor filling funky white-man soul … the sound is really something you need to experience; the Rich Aucoin live show is an unparalleled journey into the furthest reaches of his self-proclaimed fun-core.” Aucoin will also serve up an extra-special audiovisual presentation.

Shifty Eyes
Folks from the CriMeLab will be roaming NIGHT\SHIFT events wearing a life-logging camera called Autographer. Check out the projection display at the PUC Pop-up party to see if you get logged!

Personal Mantra Banners
Banners are a simple and fun way to decorate for a party…but why not make a banner that you can hang in your office or home to inspire you every single day? In just a few minutes, you can design your own banner, have the letters cut on a Silhouette machine, stick ’em on some ribbon, and TA-DA: a personalized banner! Baggies will be provided to pack up your banner to take home safely. Take a minute to pose with your banner in our photo booth. Pictures will be uploaded to the Kwartzlab Flickr page the next day.

Tweet your banner photos at @kwartzlab .

Stay tuned for more details about the pop-up maker space’s inter-activities. Bands and approximate set times below.

Weird Canada Lineup

Time Act
10:30pm BLiND (Kitchener-Waterloo)
12:00am Rich Aucoin (Halifax)
01:00am Two Crosses (Kitchener-Waterloo)
01:45am The Band From Planet X (Kitchener-Waterloo)
02:30am Battlewulf (Kitchener-Waterloo)

More to See and Do

Feeling particularly adventurous? Take a field trip to one or more of these other cultural events happening on November 2nd.


The LITTER-ARTI Project – Selected animation-video shorts from Susan Coolen’s ‘The LITTER-ARTI Project’ are playing on Kitchener City Hall’s large scale CUBE projection screens . Visual artist Susan Coolen is the City of Kitchener’s 2013 artist-in-residence, and making art out of garbage is Susan Coolen’s goal. ‘The LITTER-ARTI Project’ emerges from debris found in the local urban environment.

James Nye Studio Open House – Local artists James Nye will be hosting an open house at his studio from 7pm till late, along with guest artist David Atkinson.
20 Ontario Street North, Kitchener

Latin Fusion Trio – Neruda Arts’ third and final concert in the We Are Culture music series will celebrate Latin Jazz. The Latin Fusion Trio combines the best of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian jazz with some other world music rhythms thrown in to arouse the passions and curiosity.
8:00PM at The Courtyard @Bonnie Stuart, 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener.


Queer Night Out presents Super Queeros , with special host, Super Miss Drew. Queer Night Out is a collaboration between ACCKWA, Spectrum, WRRC, and tri-Pride.
9:00PM at the Legion, 19 Regina St. North.